Legal Routes & Forum

Legal Routes

The following legal routes have been pursued already or have potential:

UK Law

  • Trespass
  • Community statement (Scotland)
  • Judicial Review

European Law

  • Aarhus Convention

SaFE Alliance Forum

The SaFE Alliance forum has a particular focus on legal challenges and legal tools to stop the ‘dash for gas’ and is managed to ensure this focus is maintained – please do not post general information or comments. Please do use the forum in the following ways:

  1. to enable local groups and concerned individuals to state and share with others how they are using legal tools to stop or challenge the ‘dash for gas’ locally;
  2. to enable local groups and concerned individual to gain answers to questions on legal issues or seek advice, e.g. from legal advisors or other groups;
  3. for legal practices or organisations to aid local groups or concerned individuals In the above areas or other relevant legal matters;

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