Membership and Fund-raising

Urgent: We are crowdfunding for a hugely important Judicial Review. Please help us if you can. On 13 August 2015, the Government issued a further pro-fracking policy that will make it virtually impossible for local communities to stop fracking (including underground coal gasification) in their areas. Deadline 2/10 2015 to reach £20.000

The Alliance seeks to cater for those wanting or needing to understand the known and perceived risks associated with the unconventional gas industry, including the use of the technology known as fracking alongside other technologies. We welcome ‘anti-frackers’, ‘the undecideds’ and those who may be ‘conditional frackers’ but who recognise that the ‘dash for gas’ is unsafe and irresponsible.

Our focus is on good government – or the lack of it – which is relevant for all political parties, as well as those that are not aligned with any political party.

We aim to cater for:

  • Individuals
  • Parish Councils / councillors
  • District / County / Borough / Metropolitan Councils/ councillors
  • Members of parliament (UK/EU)
  • Constituted groups
  • Unconstituted groups
  • Charities
  • Companies/businesses
  • Environmental organisations
  • Other relevant groups

We will survey members from time-to-time to ensure we are aware of members’ needs and priorities, and particularly those of local groups, so that we can do what we can to meet those needs.


We are raising a ‘fighting fund’ for 2 specific purposes:

  • to fund proactive legal work to help prepare local groups in advance
  • to help fund (fully or partially) specific legal actions, particularly local actions and national actions that help local challenges;

Donate here to help grow the fighting fund – this money will be ‘ring fenced’ for these 2 purposes above.

We will also encourage the use of crowd funding and other fund-raising to help support specific legal challenges – for example BuzzBnk – see

Urgent: Support our crowdfunding

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